• 2 Heart Attacks

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Sharon Lockhart

My name is Sharon and I have had 2 heart attacks. I had my first heart attack in Kelowna BC about 30 years ago. I was helping my husband who was painting condos in Kelowna and I was starting to feel horrible so I got my brother-in-law to drive me to the hospital. They told me I had a heart attack and said I didn’t need to have surgery at the time and let me go back to the job site.

The second heart attack was shortly after that when again I was helping my husband painting a house in Revelstoke. I had to go to town to buy supplies and started having a heart attack and drove myself to the hospital. I was put through a stress test and given meds to control the heart attack, but they told me I had to get to Kelowna hospital asap. My husband had no idea where I was and came looking for me. He was told to get me to Kelowna.

He finished up at the house so he drove to Kelowna and the doctors told him to get me to Victoria Hospital because my heart beat was way too fast.. Confused about all this my husband then drove me to Victoria and the hospital zapped my built in pacemaker and said that’s that.. I have never had any other issues with my heart to date